Substance over Substances


There are multiple benefits of reducing/quitting caffeine intake. Ready? Go! 

  • Feeling happier and more awake. Sounds counterintuitive? Well, caffeine is a stimulant and can knock the body’s cortisol and melatonin cycle out of whack. 
  • Sleeping better – again, the stimulant thing. 
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improved vitamin and mineral absorption. Caffeine can lead to vitamin depletion and make it harder for your body to retain nutrients
  • Save some money. Those cafe-bought coffees add up 

    Ask yourself, what is it about caffeine that you like?

    Is it warm? The creaminess of the milk? Maybe you like cola? Or is it spending the morning at the coffee shop reading a book? Identify what it aspects of caffeine you enjoy and find alternatives. 

    • If you like warm coffee, replace with other warm drinks
    • If you like carbonation and cold of soda, replace with seltzer or other uncaffeinated alternatives
    • If you like going to coffee shops, try going to other places with a similar atmosphere (tea shops, ordering tea at a coffee shop, etc.)

    So what can replace that morning Cup of Joe?

    • Swapping out the high-octane caffeine for caffeinated teas (black, green) or decaffeinated coffee can help in the short term. They have much less caffeine than standard coffee or energy drinks.
    • Golden milk is easy to make. Find the recipe here:
      • But why is Golden Milk so good? Check out it’s antioxidant-rich benefits here
    • Wake up by letting more natural light into your space (and get some extra serotonin and vitamin D in the process)
    • Cold water showers are associated with alertness.
    • Herbal teas are warm like coffee, but many also come with energy-boosting properties. 
    • The healthy fats, healthy sugars, and protein in smoothies can help give you energy
    • Ever tried herbal “coffee” like Dandy Blend or Teeccino? These taste like coffee and give an energy boost without the vitamin depletion and jitters often associated with coffee.
    • Drink your H2O to reduce brain fog and fatigue. 
    • Move around first thing in the morning to release endorphins and serotonin. Stretching, yoga, walking, and dancing can all shake away the cobwebs. 

      Tips on quitting caffeine:

      We recommend starting with the Cleveland Clinic’s article: