Dinner Together

Welcome to Dinner Together. For eight weeks, you will get a text message on Thursday afternoons, loaded with family-friendly meal recipes and activities to strengthen family connections during mealtime and beyond. This includes expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, sharing power, and expanding possibilities.

Dinner Together

  • Improves Nutrition & Supports Growth
  • Saves Money
  • Encourages Family Togetherness

Eating Together Promotes Health

    • Dinners at home are less likely to have too much sugar.
    • Children will make healthier food choices on their own.

    Eating Together Can Save Money

    • Cooking from scratch costs less than prepared foods.
    • Food dollars go farther when making larger batches!

    Eating Together Encourages Family Togetherness

    • Family mealtimes help everyone get to know each other better and create a sense of belonging.
    • Regular time with a caretaker makes kids feel loved, safe and secure.

    Soul Food with Pierre

    WCPP would like to introduce Soul Food with Pierre.  Soul Food with Pierre highlights a complete meal created by a local soul food enthusiast who has spent his life perfecting recipes taught to him at a very young age. He has found ways to change the recipes to add more flavor and reduce the fat content. Pierre shares that Soul Food is about a bringing people together in a family, neighborhoods or community. Consistent daily meals together can bond a family but also help students thrive in school and reduce risky behaviors. Pierre emphasizes the importance of how the time you invest by sharing meals together is just as important as what is on your plates.